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In order to avoid abnormal tire wear, timely detection and elimination of hidden problems, to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle, must be regular maintenance of tires. The maintenance of tires is divided into routine, primary and secondary maintenance. Tire maintenance period can be carried out at the same time with the vehicle maintenance. First-level maintenance 1, primary maintenance should be carried out once a week. 2、Checking the air pressure of the tires. 3、Checking the appearance of the tires, rims, screws and other components. 4、Picking out the foreign objects on the tread and tread grooves. 5、Check the spare tire and the parts supporting and fastening the spare tire. Secondary maintenance 1、Tires must be used to 8000-10000 km for secondary maintenance; clean tires and rims. 2, correct removal; check the tires, rims, inner tubes and cushion belts, make the identification of continued use, replacement, dismantling, dismantling and turning, fixed wheel assembly or scrapping. 3, the correct installation; scientific tire replacement; spare tire and assembly parts maintenance.