City Star for Electric

1. Mid-block transverse pattern design provides excellent driving and grip of tires on the composite pavement, and the shoulder stiffener design prevents the pattern from falling;

2. The bottom boss of the pattern groove is designed to prevent stone inclusion in the pattern groove and effectively prevent the pattern groove from cracking.

3. Reasonable balanced contour design and special formula design make the tire more durable and use longer mileage;

Tyre specificationLevel PR/LRPattern depth (mm)Load indexSingle/doublespeed   levelStandards RimLoad capacity (kg)Single/doubleInflation pressure (kPa) single/double
12R22.518/J19.4 152/149K9.003550/3250930
11.00R2018/J18.0 152/149J8.03550/3250930
12.00R2020/L17.9 156/153J8.5 4000/3650900